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Rice Planting Season 2022
Trip 1: 10-15 Jul (Sun-Fri)
Trip 2: 17-22 Jul (Sun-Fri)
Trip 3: 24-29 Jul (Sun-Fri)
Singapore school holidays:
28 May to 26 Jun 2022
Rice Harvesting Season 2022
Trip 1: 4-9 Sep (Sun-Fri)
Trip 2: 18-23 Oct (Sun-Fri)
Trip 3: 25-30 Oct (Sun-Fri)
Singapore school holidays:
3-11 Sep 2022
19 Nov to 31 Dec 2022
Eco-Experiences: Yoga & Meditation

Tigerland Rice Farm is a very special and unique farm country venue for yoga and meditation retreats. It is blessed with positive energies, open sky, bamboo forest, natural streams and silence. We offer you simple, clean and authentic farm accommodation and cooking, and provide free transfer from the Chiang Rai International Airport.

We welcome all yoga studios, meditation groups and interested individuals to come and conduct yoga and meditation retreats here. We are happy to be your host but we do not offer yoga training or guided meditation.

If you are looking for the perfect place to do deep and solo meditation, to spend a few days in silence and for spiritual renewal, this is YOUR private hideout. We have meditation huts and platforms out in the paddy field and in the bamboo forest. We shall be happy to serve you and prepare your 3 meals in silence and pretty much out of your sight.

Best time of the year for yoga and meditation are the dry and cool months of Oct to Mar.

Contact us for details.


Yoga with Kym at Tigerland Rice Farm

Yoga & Meditation with Kym Yap
( 8-11 Jan 2015)

This was our inaugural yoga & meditation retreat organized by Tigerland Rice Farm co-founder Alvin Yong. It was during the post-harvest season with a cool and dry climate. Kym and her yoga students shared their unique and memorable experiences below...

Yoga with Kym at Tigerland Rice Farm
Yoga with Kym at Tigerland Rice Farm Yoga teacher Kym Yap

Catherine Pay (photo on R):

"I love the yoga in the paddy, with the cows and dogs looking curiously. It was very fun and something that we can't experience in Singapore. I love the bamboo forest meditation with the sound of the waterfall... it calmed my mind. We learnt about nature preservation too. I love the farm-cooked food prepared by Kitt's family. Thank you Kitt Tiger, Father Gun and Mother Tomei, for a most memorable experience. We are like a family already."

Catherine Pay in Tigerland Rice Farm
Pailin at Tigerland Rice Farm

Pai Lin (photo on L):

"It was a real wonderful trip – Karen homestay, yoga at the paddy field, meditation in bamboo forest, happy faces of the school children, free roaming chicken, nice cool mountain breeze and warmth from the heart of the host family.

There is only one word to describe this experience: ‘out-of-the-world’."

Liu Yijun (photo on R):

"My initial thought when signing up for this trip was to get away from city living, relax in nature and practice yoga. In the end, what I've gained in my week's stay with Kitt Tiger and his family was a different perspective - which are the spirit of living life with an open-heart and the gratitude to mother nature and people around you. I liken this trip as a gentle reminder from the universe whenever I find myself back on a rat-race again. To top it off, it came with awesome food and hospitality! Thank you to the Tiger family!."

Yijun in Tigerland Rice Farm
Ch'ng Tuan Wee at Tigerland Rice Farm

Ch'ng Tuan Wee (photo on L):

"Thank you for a wonderful trip. It was so memorable because of the perfect serene environment, warm hospitality of Kitt and his family, delicious food and great company! The farm stay was a breath of fresh air and much needed break from hectic city living. I was touched by the simple harmony the people here have with each other, with the land and also with the delightful architecture of the farmland. Meditation in simple huts in the bamboo forest and paddy fields left deep impressions. Idyllic landscape provided perfect setting for doing yoga!

Biggest thanks to Alvin for opening the door to us. And also to the ever-youthful and inspiring yoga teacher Kym. Everyone made this trip just right: my mum, Pai Ling, Catherine, Tuan Cheng, Yijun. All the best to Kitt, Nook, Father Gun and Mother Tomei!"


Meditation @ Bamboo Forest

The silence in the bamboo forest is a deep meditative experience. You may choose to use the meditation hut with mossie net, or meditate on the rock by the forest stream.

Meditation hut in Bamboo Forest at Tigerland Rice Farm

Meditation @ Bamboo Forest
Meditation in Bamboo Forest Meditation @ Bamboo Forest
Meditation in Paddy Field at Tigerland Rice Farm

Meditation @ Paddy Field

No words can describe the experience of meditating under the blue sky in the middle of the rice paddy fields. You just gotta be here to feel the energy and know how deep you can go to be in touch with your own soul.

Paddy meditation at Tigerland Rice Farm Meditation @ Paddy

Kitt Tiger:

"We welcome you to Tigerland Rice Farm anytime!"

Kitt Tiger in yoga asana


2-Day Bamboo Forest Experience (any time of the year)

The bamboo forest has an indescribable natural magnetic draw. Being in the bamboo forest, you can't help but be amazed by the life force of the long, slender yet ultra strong bamboo, growing in teamwork cluster, ever straight and upright, and be awed by the orderliness within a seemingly chaotic forest scene.

Bamboo is such a wonderful plant that feed us, clothe us, provide the material for construction of shelters, furniture, farm and household tools, and for weaving into all kinds of useful things.

In this Bamboo Forest Experience, Father Gun will lead you deep into the bamboo forest to appreciate the eco-diversity of plants and wild life there, show you the different kinds of bamboo, and the very wide ranging usefulness of bamboo. You will also enjoy a self-cooked meal with bamboo rice in the forest.



Bamboo forest at Tigerland Rice Farm

Bamboo forest

Father Gun creating bamboo furniture on the spot

Bamboo table

Bamboo feast

Lunch in forest

Bamboo cups

Bamboo mugs



Day 1:
We'll meet you at either the Chiang Rai International Airport or the city and bring you to the Tigerland Rice Farm preferably before noon. After lunch, we'll conduct an orientation tour of the farm. Over tea at the Farmer's Lodge, you'll learn the multitude uses of bamboo by the hill tribes and try your hands at bamboo weaving. You are welcome to weave as many items as you delight to bring home. After dinner, we'll do a night trek, armed with head lamps, into the bamboo forest to observe frogs and wild life by the stream.
Day 2:

After breakfast, we'll enjoy a morning walk into the bamboo forest to appreciate its freshness and natural beauty. With luck, you may come face to face with wild life. Father Gun will amaze you how he is able to construct a lunch table out of bamboo within half an hour. You'll enjoy an unforgettable lunch prepared in-situ in the forest by a stream. You'll return to Tigerland Rice Farm by mid-afternoon for checking out. We'll send you to the Chiang Rai International Airport or the city, as you wish.

Full Board (Lodging + Meals) and Transportation:

  • Accommodation is simple, clean and no-frill farmer's lodging - 3 x triple sharing rooms with floor mattresses (comfy, thick, multi-layered). No aircon (actually no need).
  • Home-cooked farm meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) inclusive.
  • Toilets are of seat and squat types.
  • Fresh cool mountain water for bathing. No shower or water heater.
  • Solar electricity for charging camera batteries. No wifi, no mobile signal.
  • Transportation from/to Chiang Rai International Airport inclusive.

Suitable for:

  • Families interested in going on nature-bound experiential vacations.
  • School groups (teachers and students) who are keen to learn first-hand agricultural living and rice planting process. Group size not more than 10.
  • City folks keen on taking a break from city stress and returning to the embrace of Mother Nature for recharging and renewal.
  • Not suitable for children under 9 years old as the activity involves trekking in the forest.


  • To ensure the highest level of personal touch, proper guidance and quality of learning in the bamboo forest experience, we limit to max 4 families or max group size of 10 persons (adults/kids).


  • S$200 (Singapore Dollars) per person (inclusive of program + full board + transport to/from Chiang Rai International Airport).
  • Group discount for 3 or more adults is S$180 per person.
  • Half price for child 10 years old and below.

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